Restaurant & Bar

At Roter Bären all dishes served are of the same size. This principle allows you to try several courses, letting you mix and match to your liking whilst exploring new tastes. You don't have to decide on one main course, rather you can just order your way through our menu indiscrimanetly. 

We suggest a selection of three plates for a regular appetite - with the option of ordering a fourth sweet course afterwards.

All our dishes are carefully selected according to season, freshly prepared and made of high quality produce expertly compiled according to taste and texture.


Price of Plates:

2 plates CHF 39.–
3 plates CHF 52.–
4 plates CHF 64.–
5 plates CHF 75.–



Homemade ricotta, cucumber, charentais melon, dill


Ox Tartar

Ox tartar, pickles, quail egg



Cold cucumber soup, mint, goat chees, chili


Papardelle, favebeanpuree, artichokes, rocket, parmesan


Grilled sardines, panzanella salad, paprika, deep fried onion rings


Salmon confit

Salmon confit, fennel salad, thyme, lemon puree,  cod brandade



Lamb, couchettes, olives, feta, tomatos, baby jam

Beef brisket

Roasted beef brisket, caponata, crispy polenta, caper vinaigrette

Sweet / Salty

Price of dessert:

CHF 12.-

Cheese variation

CHF 15.-

Panna cotta

Panna cotta, white portwine, raisins sorbet, grapes



Pavlova, raspberry sorbet, berries, basil



Cheese variation, fruit bread, fruit chutney